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Durex XXL Condoms 6 Pack

These Durex XXL condoms prove that in some situations, bigger really is better. This box features 6 transparent condoms – each measuring 215mm in length with a width of 57mm.Read More >

Volt 12V Extra Strength Sensation Online Review

Volt 12V Extra Strength Sensation A blend of all natural arousal botanicals to amplify your sensual pleasure like no other. Just a drop creates an electric, tingling sensation within aboutRead More >

TENGA Standard Edition Rolling Head Onacup Review

TENGA, Twist, roll, left, right, back, forth… EXPLODE! The phenomenal Rolling Head Cup delivers impossibly exciting sensations, gripping you even tighter in its wonderful lotion reservoir. Welcome to the GreatestRead More >

TENGA Egg Wavy

Crack open your TENGA Egg Wavy and enjoy orgasmic sensations with every thrust. These incredible masturbators stretch to most sizes – simply add the enclosed pouch of lube and enjoyRead More >